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Face Mask - Dog Breeds Blue/Gold

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This beautiful, reversible face mask was handmade by one of our generous (and crafty) volunteers. Featuring colorful dog owners with various dog breeds on one side and dog accessories on the other, this mask follows CDC guidelines for DIY masks and includes an opening for a filter. Two elastic bands will go over your ears to secure the mask in place.

To adjust the fit: Before putting on the mask, put your thumb and pointer finger in the elastic loop and stretch it out to cinch the material along the loop. You can further refine the fit by holding the edge of the material in place and pulling the elastic at that top or bottom.

Your $20 donation includes the cost for shipping. Approximately $16 of your donation (due to shipping) will go directly to the dogs and help pay for veterinary care. Please allow at least 7 days for delivery after your order is received. The mail is quite slow these days.

Please note: These are not medical grade masks. They are meant to keep you from touching your face, containing coughs or sneezes, and giving you a little fashion during this difficult time. This mask is to be used with your daily precautions and not in place of. If your local government is advising you to stay home, please do so. If you must go out, this mask may be used in addition to the already set guidelines like washing your hands and not touching your face. You can also use this mask over an N95 mask to protect that mask. We recommend hand washing it only.

For more information on how to protect yourself or if you are feeling sick, please visit www.cdc.gov/coronavirus.

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